KATIMEX BLITZ MINI was specifically developed for the growing demand of subsequent fibre-optic cables installation in existing as well as occupied tubes.

Where conventional pulling tools are not enough anymore, the KATI BLITZ MINI shows its unique possibilities with its 1.2 mm diameter fibreglass profile. Especially the installation of fibre-optic cables in an already existing infrastructure is easier and sometimes even at all possible with the KATI BLITZ MINI, which makes it the ideal support for the pulling of fibre-optic cables in buildings. The Polykat Mini combines high rod rigidity and pushing stability with a very small diameter. With a very small bending radius of 15mm it was specifically developed to run through extremely narrow curves. The combination of Flexi Sonde Mini and low-friction insertion tube enables a quick and easy cable installation. The Flexi Sonde Mini has a special contour that passes narrow sections and curves easily. The low-friction insertion tube leads the rod and protects it form breakages when pulling back. ThePolykat Mini fibreglass rod is pre-spooled into a 35 meter version cassette. The rod runs automatically out of the cassette and supports the pushing of the rod. Due to this the physical effort will be minimized.

Accessories included:

  • 5 Flexi Sonds Mini
  • 7 Rod ends Mini
  • 1 Tape
  • 1 Guiding hose 2,5 m with bush
  • 1 Abrasive pad 50 x 50 mm
  • 1 Special adhesive 3g


  • Flexi-Sonde Mini: special contour to pass narrow sections and curves.
  • Rotatable cassette: By spinning the cassette the rod can be pushed easily into conduits.
  • Axle bearing of the cassette: the high reset force supports the automatic unwinding of the rod.
  • Insertion tube: protects and guides the fibreglass while pushing in and prevents it from breaking when pulling back.
  • Handling frame with rod-stop: prevents the automatic unwinding of the rod when not in use.

Other Information:

  • Rod diameter: 1,2mm
  • Proven strength connection Rod/Rod end: >0,35 kN
  • Proven strength of Flexi Sonde Mini: >0,25 kN
  • Minimum bending radius: 15mm
  • Breaking strain: 1,3 kN


No Warranty on Rod. One Year Warranty on Frame.
Brand Katimex
0 Days Return to Base Warranty



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