Full Calibration Supplied. Calibration Lead Time is 3-4 Weeks All RadMan monitors are multi-function tools. With the RF absorber cap off, the RadMan functions as a simple instrument with isotropic detection and four level indicator LEDs that provide an approximate indication of field strength. The RadMan can also be used as a simple area monitor. The fiber optic interface and available software can be used to continuously monitor the detected field strength levels from both the electric field and magnetic field sensors.


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  • Full Calibration Supplied. Calibration Lead Time is 2-3 Weeks
  • Multi-Function Tool – Personal Monitor, Leakage Detector, Simple Measurement Instrument
  • Simultaneous E and H Field Measurement
  • Four LED Level Indicators
  • Isotropic Response when used Off the Body
  • Optical Interface can be used “Real Time”
  • Patented Design
    Model # ESM-20
    Brand Narda
    12 Months Return to Base Warranty



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