Viavi EX DEMO ONX-620 HFC Tester With Docsis 3.1 installed.

NBN Approved for use on NBN / Telstra’s HFC network.

The ONX-620 is specific to the Australian market and is suitable for 'TAP down' on NBN's HFC network.

Initially released without DOCSIS (and upstream readings) capability, the ONX-620 has now been approved for it's full suite of functionality by NBN.

With a simple user-friendly interface and pass/fail results, the ONX-620 makes testing fast and simple for NBN HFC Technicians of all levels of expertise.

As with all new VIAVI test equipment, this unit is backed by in-country TMG & VIAVI technical support.

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Simple – Every technician is an expert

  • Channel Plans built by the meter automatically
  • Expertise is built in - 'Session Expert' identifies issues & assists technicians to resolve them
  • Firmware & Software Updates via StrataSync (FREE VIAVI Cloud Service)

Fast - Testing and Troubleshooting faster than ever

  • Ingress and Downstream scan including MER/BER in 60sec
  • 15x more Downstream coverage in half the time

Powerful & Future Proof - Get the most from your investment

  • Includes dual diplexer for 65 & 204MHz
  • DOCSIS 3.0, 32x8 DOCSIS, Wi-Fi, Ethernet 1Gbps capable
  • Modular & Upgrade-able, DOCSIS 3.1 via Software License when required...


DOCSIS 3.1 squeezes more performance out of the HFC network. It goes from the traditional 6MHz wide QAM carrier to a 24MHz-192MHz wide carrier with overlapping subcarriers across the spectrum. This is done by utilising OFDM (Orthoganal Frequency Domain Multiplexing). The added complexity provides higher efficiency and noise immunity to the cable.

DOCSIS 3.1 can achieve 1Gb/s speeds (and higher) on the current coax already in the ground today!



The ONX-620 DOCSIS 3.1 Software option enables D3.1 and OFDM testing:


  • Complete carrier analysis validates OFDM
  • PLC, NCP, Profile A, Codeword Errors Level, MER, ICFR and Echo
  • Range, Register and Bonding – Validates 3.1 operation
  • Spectrum with Ingress identifies noise sources
  • Profile Analysis ensures Maximum Efficiency and Identifies Problems
  • MER across all subcarriers
  • Speed testing beyond - 1 Gbps ensures Full DOCSIS 3.1 Compliance


Brand VIAVI (formerly JDSU)

6 Months Return to Base Warranty



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