The majority of problems in wireless networks occur at the base station infrastructure, composed of the antenna system, cables, and connectors and they are typically related to the cable feed-line (coax or fiber).

Contamination in fiber connectors is the most common problem associated with Fibre. All wireless networks with fibre based feed-lines require the verification of both RF and Fiber.

Until now multiple instruments were used for these tests, one for RF and another for Fibre. The JD725C Cable and Antenna Analyser is the first cable and antenna analyser that provides an integrated solution for fiber and coax, being the most versatile and optimal instrument to properly service and install cell sites.

Tests performed include;
Return loss, VSWR, DTF, cable loss, RF power
Fibre inspection, optical power

NOTE: If you need to do 2-port Gain/insertion loss testing, the JD725C has this functionality. In over 99 percent of the applications within the 4G, LTE, and 5G Radio Access Networks installation and maintainance contracts, installers are NOT required to do 2-port Gain/insertion loss testing


  • Inspect fibre with PASS/FAIL indications using P5000i fiber microscope
  • Measure RF and optical power using power sensors
  • Three zoom zones for detailed analysis on multi-frequency bands
  • Up to 40 dBm (10W) RF port protection
  • Generate PDF/HTML reports
  • Amatically saves events that exceed pre-defined limits
  • Application software for post-analysis (JDViewer) and remote control (JDRemote)
  • Web-based remote control via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi


Available Downloads


Operations Manual

Model # JD724C
Brand VIAVI (formerly JDSU)
3 Years Return to Base Warranty



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