TMG Tekon 570 Touch Screen Single and Three Phase Power Quality Analyser

TMG’s latest addition to our Electrical Industry offering is the TEKON570 Power Quality Analyser. A handheld instrument that accurately measures, diagnose and analyses electrical power characteristics and the parameters of power distribution and communication related systems.

This light weight unit includes a 7-inch touch screen and a flexible coil clamp as standard. Allows the measurement of power and electrical parameters at the same time and displays how to conduct wiring and measurements on the touchscreen. The intuitive user interface allows the user to download, view and analyses the stored data as well as create reports in a EN50160 format.

The TMG Tekon 570 can test both single (2 & 3 wire) and 3 phase (3 & 4 wire) power quality and simultaneously measures active/reactive/ apparent power, power factor, RMS voltage/current, phase angle and neutral line current. You can also view the voltage and current in waveforms and as a phase diagram as well as test the temperature and humidity of the environment.


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Model # 570
Brand Tekon
3 Years Return to Base Warranty