Tempo OmniMarker II. Box of 30

Tempo Omni Marker II. OM-01

Omni Marker II’s patented self-levelling, large diameter coil structure ensures precise locating.

A Marker for your site’s essential needs

Unclear cartography, old uncharted connections, etc. and lack of knowledge of the location of underground networks can lead to considerable damage every year: pollution of the environment, health risks for workers, disruption to residents, floods, electrocution, etc. Plastic pipes and other non-conductive services are especially difficult to locate normally, but with markers you can quickly and easily resolve all these issues.

Key Features:

  • Easily located up to 5 ft away.
  • No need to place level when buried.
  • Compatible with all marker locators.
  • Passive, high reliability design assures many years of service
  • Lightweight, with no hazardous chemicals

Types of non-potable water:

    • Rainwater from tanks used in cooling towers and car washing
    • Quarry water used for dust suppression and landscape irrigation
    • Swimming pool backwash water used for toilet flushing
    • Agricultural wastewater used for crop irrigation
    • Creek, dam and river water
    • Recycled water from a sewage treatment plant used for dust suppression, car washing or irrigation for landscapes and sports ovals
    • Recycled greywater
    • Groundwater

    Other Marker Balls Available (Box of 30).

Red: Electrical Power - 169.8kHz

Blue: Water - 145.7kHz

GreenSanitary – 121.6kHz.

Orange: Telephone/ Telecoms - 101.4kHz

Yellow: Gas - 83.0kHz

Black/Orange: Cable TV - 77.0kHz

Purple: General/ Non-potable Water 66.4kHz

Black/Yellow: Fiber Optics 92.0kHz


SKU 61-OM168-CS
Model # OM-01
Brand Tempo
Shipping Weight 5.2000kg
Shipping Width 0.260m
Shipping Height 0.052m
Shipping Length 0.430m
0 Months Return to Base Warranty



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