Narda RadMan 2XT

The RadMan 2 Personal Radiation Monitor is a compact device that gives prompt and reliable warnings when electromagnetic radiation levels are approaching dangerous limits, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of workers.

The RadMan 2 is available in the 2LT and 2XT versions.

The RadMan 2LT is the lighter version, configured to ICNIRP "general public limits". It has a smaller frequency detection range and lower alarm limits and is designed to be used by site visitors and trade workers who do not specialise in working with radiation.

The extended version, RadMan 2XT, covers all modern services with its wide frequency detection range. Having a faster response rate and a larger datalogging capacity, the 2XT is designed for use by trained professionals within industries, environments or facilities where radiation exposure is a standard workplace hazard.

With its new features, the RadMan 2 Radiation Monitor is:

Wider – with a frequency range reaching up to 60 GHz, the RadMan 2XT covers all services including 5G and millimetre waves.

Safer – built-in automatic testing of the sensor ensures maximum safety and functionality, eliminating the need to manually test the device every time it’s switched on.

Brighter and louder – Bright 270° wide angle lights are paired with an unmissably loud buzzer. If that’s not enough, it vibrates too. No alarm will go unnoticed.

Easier - patented Shaping displays require no conversion or settings adjustments. Results are displayed as "% of limit value" directly according to ICNIRP, FCC or Safety Code 6.

Narda RadMan 2 series features include:

  • Wide frequency monitoring – up to 8 GHz (LT) or 60 GHz (XT)
  • Simultaneous monitoring of E-field and H-field with shaped frequency response
  • Body effect minimised with HF absorber
  • Automatic sensor test when turned on – no need to manually check before commencing work
  • Loud buzzer and vibration alarm with highly visible alarm LEDs
  • 800 hours of use on a single charge
  • Releasing from holder allows isotropic monitoring away from body
  • Short pulsed signal detection (XT)
  • Data logger for permanent recording
  • Weatherproof design – ideal for use outdoors (IP65)
  • USB-C interface for rapid data transfer and charging

Calibration interval is every 3 years


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Wide Frequency Monitoring
Model # RADMAN 2XT
Brand Narda
Shipping Weight 0.7000kg
Shipping Width 0.180m
Shipping Height 0.007m
Shipping Length 0.250m
2 Years Return to Base Warranty



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