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Please Note

To utilize the internal Survey Grade GPS functionality, it is essential to acquire PointMan Software, an Android device, and enlist the services of a Corrections Service Provider. These components are necessary for the seamless activation and operation of this feature.

Map it your way with the RD8200SG

Locate and map buried utilities in a single operation with the RD8200SG - Survey Grade. The RD8200SG is our latest cable and pipe locator that enables users to map buried utilities with survey grade accuracy.

Map while you locate.

The RD8200SG combines buried utility locating with accurate mapping in a single operation. Improve your workflows and speed up the process of locating and mapping buried utilities.

Unique flexibility

Giving you unique flexibility, you can choose your preferred mobile mapping app and correction service provider to achieve survey grade accuracy.

Compatible mobile mapping app

PointMan. World leader in mapping applications.

Mobile Application

PointMan is a patented cloud and mobile mapping software application that captures, records, and displays the location of buried utilities and pipelines with unprecedented precision and the associated metadata including the type, the depth, and the depth of cover.

Why PointMan?

Every minute of every working day, underground utility infrastructure is seriously damaged due to unreliable utility location records and dated industry workflows and business practices. When damage occurs, project costs increase, critical services are lost, dangerous petroleum products seep into our water systems, and life-threatening injuries can occur. PointMan is proven to address these costly issues while promoting the safety of the worker, the public, and the environment.

Ultimate versatility

You can view and build your maps while you are in the field. After a map is created, it can be sent via email in various file types, such as CSV, KML and SHP*, or you can directly export the data.

Familiar look and feel, enhanced capability

The RD8200SG also stands out thanks to its ergonomics. Weighing 2.4kg/5.2lb, it is lightweight and designed for frequent, continuous use in the field.

The RD8200SG is based on Radiodetection’s popular RD8200G locator. The many users who are already familiar with the RD8200G will only require minimal training to use the new solution.

PointMan RD Map+ Software is sold separately

RD8200SG Receiver Specific Information:

  • RTK GPS Built In
  • Data Logging
  • Simultaneous display of depth and current
  • Compass, active modes and passive modes (User Configurable
  • Dynamic Overload Protector
  • Power (50/60 Hz selectable) broad band, selective harmonics
  • Power, Power Filters, Radio, CPS (100/120Hz, no more CATV mode
  • Depth in Power Mode
  • Swing Measurements / Warnings, Haptic Feedback
  • Sounds 3db higher than other locators, High Pitch option for noisy environments, Speaker in back
  • Improved Battery Monitoring when using ALK, NIMH, LIION. (NIMH, LIION OPTINAL)
  • Peak, Null, Peak-Plus, Guidance Mode, Broad Peak
  • All Sonde Frequencies (512Hz, 640Hz, 8kHz, 33kHz)
  • 22 Locator Frequencies (From 512Hz to 200kHz)
  • 14 Current Direction Frequencies 219.9Hz / 439.8Hz to 4096Hz / 8192Hz
  • Fault Finding Modes 8kHz and 256Hz
  • iLOC (Bluetooth)
  • USB Type C
  • eCERT over USB
  • PointMan RD Map+ Software is sold separately
  • RD Manager Online (RDMO) Support PC software
  • Self-Test
  • 3 Year Warranty when you register your Receiver Wand with Radiodetection.


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Model # RD8200SG
Brand Radiodetection
3 Years Return to Base Warranty



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