The LMX200 Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Unit is well-suited for a wide range of utility applications, and it is especially recommended when soil conditions are favourable. This is because the LMX200 comes equipped with a 250mHz antenna that has the capacity to penetrate depths exceeding 3 meters, making it an excellent choice for those seeking to explore deeper underground. As a result of its superior depth range capabilities, the LMX200 is often the top choice for individuals undertaking various GPR activities.

LMX200 Map & Survey GPR Unit:

  • For the professional utility locator and engineer
  • Rapid deployment and setup
  • Sunlight visible touch screen
  • Real-time Locate & Mark
  • Grid Scan Mode
  • In-field depth slicing
  • Wi-Fi capable, e-mail mini-reports from field
  • Internal GPS (For Geo Mapping Only)
  • External GPS (Optional)
  • Process grids on-board
  • File Management (9 Projects congaing Lines, Grids & Screen Shots)
  • Full Range of EKKO_Project software available (Sold Separately)


The LMX150 and LMX200 comes pre-installed with an Enhanced Software Package used for viewing results on the GPR screen only. If you download the results onto a USB drive and then try to download the results onto a computer, you will then be required to purchase one of the EKKO_Project V6 Software options to view and report on the results.

EKKO_Project Software Options:

  • EKKO_PROJECT V6 Examine
  • EKKO_PROJECT V6 Reveal
  • EKKO_PROJECT V6 3D Reveal
  • EKKO_PROJECT V6 3D Suite

These software options are supplied with a USB Dongle which needs to be inserted into the computer at all times while using the software.

A Link to these Ekko_Project Softwares is linked in the ORANGE box below:

Please note: The LMX200 requires EKKO Project Software EKKO_PROJECT SOFTWARE

A full range of EKKO_Project software is available for the LMX200 GPR system.

EKKO Project Software


Available Downloads


Operations Manual

Model # LMX200
Brand Sensors and Software
Shipping Weight 35.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.750m
Shipping Height 0.350m
Shipping Length 0.830m
1 Years Return to Base Warranty



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