The Genuine Tempo 521A Wire and Valve Locator is a universal troubleshooting and maintenance tool for electrically controlling sprinkler irrigation systems. It easily located underground wires and valves, including the path and depth.

Product Features:

  • High power transmitter offers extended long range and allows use on higher resistance wire paths.
  • Adjustable transmit power allows you to select the best signal for maximum performance.
  • Receiver provides adjustable loudspeaker audio, headset audio and visual indications of signal strength.
  • Long-nose receiver wand makes it easy for you to move along quickly to locate even the longest wire path.
  • Valve solenoid (hotspot) signal to pinpointing valves.
  • Rugged headphones block ambient noise.
  • Battery-operated on eight (D) cell batteries and one 9V).
  • 1-year manufactures warranty.


  • Transmitter Frequency: 1748 Hz
  • Transmitter Power: Adjustable, up to 750 Vpp, 285 Vrms
  • Case Dimensions: 851mm x 210mm 95 mm
  • Weight: 5.4 kg complete
  • Battery: Eight D-cells and one 9 Vdc
  • Battery Life: Transmitter: 50 hours nominal / Receiver: 100 hours nominal
  • Automatic Shut-off 90 minutes for receiver; turn-off bumper for transmitter

Kit Includes:

  • Transmitter "built into the case"
  • Receiver
  • Headset
  • Ground Stake Screw Driver
  • Slim-Line Carry Case

Two-Step Solenoid Valve Locating Process

Solenoid valves can easily be located provided all the wires leading to them are intact and the solenoid itself is still good.

Step 1

Start at the clock. Connect the red transmitter lead to the station wire leading to the subject valve, and connect the black lead to earth ground. Turn the transmitter on, adjust the output to the highest level, assemble the receiver, locate the path, and start tracing the wire following the null. The null will be present until you pass over a solenoid valve, and then the signal will become extremely strong. Mark this spot. Check around this hot spot for a null leaving the area. If the null continues, follow it and mark any additional hot spots. (Refer to Figure 6.) If only one hot spot or valve is located, it will be the valve in question.

Step 2

If more than one hot spot is found, mark them and return to the transmitter and turn it off. Lift the black lead from the ground stake and connect it to the common wire. Turn the transmitter on, set the selector knob to the highest reading, and return to the first hot spot with the receiver. Touch the tip of the receiver antenna to the ground in the center of the first hot spot and set the sensitivity knob to read near mid-scale. Now go to the second spot and without touching the sensitivity knob, check the strength of the signal at each hot spot and determine which, out of all of them, is the strongest signal. This is the valve for the station wire you are connected to.


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Operations Manual

Model # 521A
Brand Tempo
Shipping Weight 6.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.220m
Shipping Height 0.060m
Shipping Length 0.860m
12 Months Return to Base Warranty



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