Get notified whenever any of the antennas you are monitoring get misaligned!

The new IoA – IoT for Antennas makes it incredibly easy to monitor antenna alignment in 3 dimensions: 
Azimuth, Down-Tilt and Roll

Simply attach it to the antenna and it will automatically detect and report alignment changes in real time via the LTE CAT-M1/NB-IoT Network

From the Field to Your Desk
IoA is Alarm Capable

Each antenna can be individually identified on a tower or throughout the entire network. Via our robust remote monitoring software, a network operator has the ability to set thresholds for changes in azimuth, tilt and roll. 

When these thresholds are exceeded, an alarm will be generated and the operator will be notified immediately.   
If an undesired change occurs, an operator can act quickly to restore communications to optimal performance.


  • Easy and Quick to Set Up
    IoA’s installation is an easy attach-and-monitor process, designed with the technician in mind. An average 9-antenna site can be installed and operational in less than 30 minutes>
  • Quality Designed, Manufactured and Tested
    Every IoA is designed to surpass performance standards required for wireless monitoring products. It has a battery lifetime of 5 + years and strictly enforces waterproof sealing standards IP67.
  • Long duration Battery Life - It has a battery lifetime of 5+ years
  • Fully Waterproof - Strictly enforces waterproof sealing standards IP67.
  • Technical Support - IoA comes with lifetime support, including training, software and field support.


Model # 3Z IOA
Brand VIAVI (formerly JDSU)
3 Years Return to Base Warranty



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