A compact instrument for techs and contractors handling installation, activation and troubleshooting of residential broadband, business services and Metro/Enterprise Ethernet services. Benchmarking network delivery, validating service performance and distribution while driving compliance to best practice to simply test everything anywhere.

The Network and Service Companion (NSC-100) is a new category of compact hand-held device combining multiple test interfaces (PON, Ethernet, WiFi) with the VIAVI ‘OneCheck’ application concept to make network validation and high speed (Gigabit and higher) service testing a simple and speedy process for all frontline techs and installers, be they beginner or expert. .

A single high-performance tool that allows techs to operate in multiple network environments and applications allowing network delivery and service performance to be easily documented with clear and fast demarcation/segmentation of any issues in under a minute. .


  • Empowering techs to go further with simple, fast and comprehensive service activation test and troubleshooting over multiple interfaces
  • Combines PON delivery and in-premises service distribution testing with PON, Ethernet and high-end WiFi test interfaces
  • One button press ‘OneCheck’ application makes network validation and service testing a simple and speedy process
  • Enables accurate benchmarking of service delivery to and distribution within a premises with clear and fast demarcation/segmentation of any issues
  • Drives compliance of best practice to reduce or prevent customer complaints, call-backs and churn
  • Operated directly via the VIAVI Mobile Tech app or used with OneExpert (ONX) to expand capabilities

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  • Service installation, activation & troubleshooting 
  • Access networks 
    • PON – for FTTH & 5G x-haul
    • CATV – for DOCSIS 3.1
    • Telco – for xDSL & Gfast
  • Metro/Ethernet  
    • Enterprise & Data Center 
    • Business services
    • Wireless fronthaul – 4G & 5G

Key Features

  • Robust, field-ready, screen-less design
  • PON test interface with ONU/ONT emulation 
  • Ethernet test interfaces up to 10G 
  • Ethernet L2/L3 loop back support for Y.1564 & RFC-2544 tests up to 10 Gbps
  • VIAVI Fusion (centralized test system) leverages NSCs as remote-controlled test agents
  • High-end WiFi test interface – 3x3 WiFi antenna with 2.4 & 5GHz; WiFi Expert shows coverage, channel noise, airtime, and throughput
  • Automated ‘OneCheck’ feature ensures that all necessary and required tests/checks are performed by a tech while on site 
  • Multiple levels of gigabit or higher throughput testing (Ookla Speedtest, TrueSpeed RFC-6349, FTP SpeedCheck) for service evaluation against whatever benchmark is needed 
  • Service speed tests available through all test interfaces
  • Job Manager helps techs manage their Jobs, Test Results & Reports
  • On-board report generation and submission via the cloud (StrataSync) or direct email (smart phone / tablet)

Network and Service Companion (NSC-100) Software

Firmware: Aries Package 3.0.10

Installation Instructions:

  • Select 'aries_package_3.210.10.nscupg', then Ctrl + C (to copy)  
  • Paste 'aries_package_3.0.10.nscupg' into the “root” of the USB thumb drive by pressing Ctrl + V.   
  • Place the USB stick into the NCS-100     
  • Turn on the NCS-100  
  • LED’s will flash upgrade should complete in about 45 sec  

Licensing Requirements:

  • None


  • None

Supporting Documentation:


Available Downloads


Operations Manual

Model # NSC-100
Brand VIAVI (formerly JDSU)
1 Years Return to Base Warranty



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