Replacement OCC Cartridge (Pack of 12) for Divot for Bare Fiber Adapter

This is the replacement cartridge for the module in the Divot® Bare Fibre Adapter. A cartridge will typically result in a minimum of 500 insertions..

Replaceable Cartridges:

The Divot Module can be easily disassembled in order to replace the internal cartridge. Every insertion of bare fiber will use a small amount of coupling compound from the cartridge.

To replace a cartridge, simply disconnect the patch cable from the universal LiteLOCK® interface by rotating the dial to the left. Unscrew and remove the end cap on the module to expose the OCC (Optical Coupling Compound) Cartridge. Pull the cartridge out of the sleeve and replace with a new cartridge. Screw the end cap back onto the module. Insert the the connector with the red boot on the patch cable into the universal.


The Divot® Module can be easily disassembled for cleaning or maintenance. Occasionally you may have to clean the ferrule on the patch cable and the ferrule in the Divot® Module. The Divot® ferrule assembly can be totally removed and cleaned or immersed in alcohol. If fiber happens to break off inside the ferrule assembly, clean-out wire is supplied to remove any debris.

The patch cable connected to the Divot® Module should be cleaned periodically to maintain optimum performance. Over time, especially if inserting non-cleaved fiber, the patch cable mated to the Divot® module will wear and need to be replaced. Additional cables and cartridges are available as accessories.


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Operations Manual

Model # DVT-RC12
Brand Divot
0 Months Return to Base Warranty



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