This 2 part kit is for plumbers wanting to trace water pipes and find leaks.

The AquaTest T10 from Sewerin is for locating water leaks. The Combiphon is a striker device that can be attached directly to a water pipe and will emit a sound through the service which can he heard with the AquaTest T10 allowing you to trace the service.

Used together they can trace water utilities at distances of around 40-90 meters on pressured water pipes.

AquaTest T10 SDR

  • LCD display, 8 preset filter stages for better results, last memory function
  • High dynamic superior microphone technology for locating smaller leaks.
  • Heavy duty design for everyday use, F8 cordless headphones with SDR technology
  • Sudden loud sound dampening for ear protection safety
  • Soft carry case with foam inserts, M10 test tip & AC/DC Adaptor
  • Perfect for Water Authorities and Councils
  • M10 tripod Adaptor is included with this kit.

Combiphon Strike Unit

  • Specifically designed to locate small water services 20 to 40 mm.
  • Adjustable pulse rate for better distinguishing position
  • Compact case transmitter housing with rechargeable battery
  • Case houses the Striker unit.
  • This devise is used with T10 Acoustic leak locator.


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Brand Sewerin
2 Years Return to Base Warranty



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